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About us

We mean to take you on an excursion — an excursion back in time. Our guests can observer genuine sheepskins, better understanding the general cycle, while valuing the quality craftsmanship behind our sheepskins. At Wuhlen, we work in that — the creation of embellishing longwool sheeprugs from the Faroe Islands, prepared to fare to you.

To more readily comprehend what our identity is, it's essential to know where we come from. The Faroe Islands are an archipelago and self-governing nation inside the Realm of Denmark. You'll see us arranged between the North Atlantic Sea and Norwegian Ocean, roughly somewhere between Iceland and Norway. As you can envision, the regular magnificence of our islands is essentially amazing and the individuals inside the encompassing networks are similarly as dynamic. Incredibly, sheep over number individuals — with 52,000 occupants and 80,000 sheep, you can comprehend why we were inspired.

Regarding the rugs we produce, Faroese sheepskins are extraordinary in contrast with different assortments from around the globe. For the most part, sheep are reared for dress, so they are white in colouration. Obviously, this permits makers to color the rugs any shading effortlessly. Additionally, these sheep will in general have short hair and the rug is more thick. While zeroing in on apparel, indeed, these characteristics are alluring.

In contrast to your normal sheep, the Faroese sheep have both short and long hair. Covered up underneath their long, excellent hair, lies short hairs that are not in every case simple to access, in contrast with their short-haired partners. In light of this explanation, Faroese sheep are not the most ideal alternative for rug rearing. All things considered, they give us sheepskins that are not normal for some other — bringing about the most delightfully made home stylistic theme mats on the planet.

Why you inquire? What makes Faroese sheepskins so uncommon?

Indeed, quality is a certain something — our floor coverings are both customary and high in quality. Utilizing both short and long hairs inside a similar carpet gives exceptional character, yet this blend permits you to see all the various shadings. Offering floor coverings in four colourations — dark, dim, earthy colored, and white, there is a possibility for each taste and style.

Can't pick? Don't sweat it — we additionally offer multi-hued choices, for example, dark and dim; white and earthy colored, etc. These alternatives are totally staggering, offering you a special, exceptional carpet that will in a split second raise your living space.